drawn by dana

ithusi asked: Hey, I saw in your FAQ that you have some of Kyle T. Webster's brushes. I want to get some and I absolutely love your sort of pencilly-inky linework, and was wondering if that brush is in one of his sets? If so, which set is it/any you would recommend?

I don’t remember what set the brush you’re referring to is from, it might not even be a Kyle T. Webster brush at all. My only recommendation is to try out a wide variety of options and decide what works best for you, personally. What feels right for me isn’t necessarily going to feel right for anyone else.

Emily’s and Toril’s polo yaois!! So happy to draw them, I had fun with this ;v;

I should not have made a new print the night before AX starts but HOW COULD I POSSIBLY RESIST CANON MERMAN HARU

Prints are available here if you can’t grab one at Anime Expo this weekend!

I had a lot of fun making two of the new sets in Celestial Rivalry: Belligerent Oni and Divine Defender :D


I haven’t been working on my original stuff much lately, but I never seem to get sick of drawing Nemie and her hatoful boyfriend

Now available on INPRNT!

wildr0b0t asked: Hey, do you have some art-from-when-you-were-fifteen you'd be comfortable sharing? Or, you know, art from when you were younger/beginning. I just like to see where great artists started. Thanks!

oh man, it is time for a MAGICAL JOURNEY

I haven’t been working on my original stuff much lately, but I never seem to get sick of drawing Nemie and her hatoful boyfriend

Prints available here!

Noivern gijinka… again? My original version is basically impossible to print accurately because that eye-searing magenta is just TOO BODACIOUS for mortal printers, so I came up with a color variation that holds up better in print form.

I’ll be selling this and lots of other prints at Anime Expo table L33! You can also buy prints online here.

I started working for GaiaOnline recently and I can finally show off some of the stuff I’ve been doing! Astral Singularity is my first full item set; I also pixelled (but did not design) the bonnet, mantle, and hair in the set My Fair Lady.

I’m Quillery on gaia, so feel free to friend me and say hi =w=

I finally went to a figure drawing session after like… a year without practice. I am SO RUSTY but it felt SO GOOD. BEEFIN UP THOSE ART MUSCLES!!

Poses varied between 1, 2, 3, and 5 minutes each.

Free shipping on INPRNT this weekend!! Last chance!

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sergeant-sarge asked: Ooo, since you did animation for a year, are there any of your animations lying around for viewing?

Most of my old files are gone forever, but I gif’d some shots from my final project (a short film) here. It was a horror retelling of the myth of Icarus. Every so often I get an itch to redo the idea as a short comic… SHRUGS……….

A present for Grace—her precious child Rivek based on her favorite photo of all time.

dandydehaan asked: HELLO i was wondering if it would be possible to buy prints of art that aren't on your print sale page (specifically the harry osborne drawing)?? If not that's fine! Your art is amazing btw /)^(\

Of course! If there’s anything that you guys want me to offer as a print that isn’t available already, just let me know and I’ll add it!

re: Harry, did you want both parts of the photoset put together, or just one of them?

lauriejuspeczyk asked: Hi!! Are your prints available for sale anywhere else? For some reason on inprnt the shipping is ridiculously expensive, 10 dollars for 1 print to ship domestically? Thanks for your time! I really really like your Oberyn print ;-;

Hi! I’m glad you like the piece! INPRNT is currently the only place you can buy my prints online. Sometimes they have free shipping promotions or other discounts, so you can keep an eye out for those—I always try to notify my followers when there’s a sale going on.

You can also avoid shipping fees by purchasing from me in person at a convention if I attend any in your area. I’ll be at Anime Expo in LA next month at table L33.

If I have a lot of leftovers after AX, I might re-open my Storenvy for a limited time and sell the extras at a discount. We’ll see!