drawn by dana

I added a ghost cats button set to my store! More coming soon!! <3

Commission for superhero-flamenco!

buam asked: Is your Mako Mori piece available as a print anywhere, or only as a shirt? I finally have my own place and I'd love to put it on my wall. :)

Yes, in addition to shirts, prints of various sizes are available in my store! Here’s the prints section.

Designing pirate/mermaid themed sets for the Jolly Roger’s Treasure CI out today was like a dream come true you guys, for real. Here’s Ardent Corsair, Drowned Admiral, and Ravenous Mariana *v*

In addition to regular and racerback tank tops, my Mako Mori piece is now available as a good ol’ t-shirt due to popular demand. Take a look!


While I’m figuring out how to make everyone’s dreams come true in the form of mugs and shirts—if there’s any particular piece of mine you’d like on similar merch, don’t hesitate to send me your suggestions! Tote bags, greeting cards, and pillows are also possibilities, I just haven’t gotten any samples of those from the printer I’m using yet.

Bleeding Heart kickstarter!

I was delighted to contribute this print to Sabrina’s kickstarter for her short comic, Bleeding Heart. It’s exclusive to the kickstarter, and you can get it (along with the comic itself and other goodies, of course!) in the tiers The Whispering Trees, The Ancient Arts, The Forest Spirit, and The Afternoon Tea. Go take a look at all the cool stuff available!!


Black Deep V Neck Sleeveless Pleated Dress and Red Sleeveless Lace Split Full Length Dress from Sheinside

Sketched a couple of dresses that caught my eye! I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing Sheinside lately, there’s so many cute affordable things I want… free shipping on orders over $30 is always tempting, too. Definitely recommended for online shopping addicts like me!

Sets for the “Maid for You” CI on Gaia! Fabulous Fille, Fanciful Fille, Fluttery Fille, and Suave Suitor. I LIKE ALLITERATION.

(Wigs on the Fille avatars aren’t part of the sets.)

ithusi asked: Hey, I saw in your FAQ that you have some of Kyle T. Webster's brushes. I want to get some and I absolutely love your sort of pencilly-inky linework, and was wondering if that brush is in one of his sets? If so, which set is it/any you would recommend?

I don’t remember what set the brush you’re referring to is from, it might not even be a Kyle T. Webster brush at all. My only recommendation is to try out a wide variety of options and decide what works best for you, personally. What feels right for me isn’t necessarily going to feel right for anyone else.

Emily’s and Toril’s polo yaois!! So happy to draw them, I had fun with this ;v;

I should not have made a new print the night before AX starts but HOW COULD I POSSIBLY RESIST CANON MERMAN HARU

Prints are available here if you can’t grab one at Anime Expo this weekend!

I had a lot of fun making two of the new sets in Celestial Rivalry: Belligerent Oni and Divine Defender :D

spookyr0b0t asked: Hey, do you have some art-from-when-you-were-fifteen you'd be comfortable sharing? Or, you know, art from when you were younger/beginning. I just like to see where great artists started. Thanks!

oh man, it is time for a MAGICAL JOURNEY

I haven’t been working on my original stuff much lately, but I never seem to get sick of drawing Nemie and her hatoful boyfriend

Prints available here!